Wed Mar 13, 2023 - A Bead is a Prayer

Online Meeting

TBS members will be sent the link via email the week of the presentation. 

A Bead is a Prayer: Beads Used for Devotions Round the World

Presentation by Bennett McCardle

People of almost all major world religions may use strings of beads to organize and count prayers. In fact the word "bead" comes from the old English word for "prayer"!  Malas, rosaries, prayer ropes, misbahas, mequteria, paternosters, lestovkas... What are these old traditions? Who uses them today, what do they do, what are they made of? You'll see examples of many kinds, hear about their meaning, and find out how they're made and used. 


Bennett is a TBS beader who loves and studies the history of beads and things made from them. Her university work covered ancient religion and ritual around the world, including the techniques humans use to organize their different personal devotions. She's made rosaries and malas, and found out how much of a special challenge that can be!