April 12, 2023 - Techniques Night

We continue to meet virtually via Zoom. TBS members will be sent the link via email the week of the presentation.

Here are some techniques that will be offered in April FOR MEMBERS ONLY! Thanks to our instructors, there will be no cost to our membership, no kit fee, but see the supply list for your own materials from your stash or store.

Registration for the sessions is going to be handled via email survey on a first come first served basis. Each session will be limited to 15 virtual participants. We encourage you to register quickly. The classes will be open for registration after our March 15 TBS meeting, and will closed by Monday April 3rd or until the classes are full. This will give us time to create the breakout rooms for the zoom sessions

Netted Zigzags Cuff

Instructor: Maria Rypan

Great intro to pattern motif creation in netting!

The stunning pizzazz comes from the continuous zigzag running around the entire bracelet. The contrast zigzag is set in between contrasting beads. Maria will show you how easily the zigzag pattern is created by colour placement as you bead along. The motifs are quickly formed as you bead weave vertically up and down. The color changes keep you on your toes and works up quickly into a bracelet band. Make it more interesting with a novel melon bead in between the ‘Z’ outline. Once you have the pattern, bead to desired length. Add a tubular clasp for easy on-off and seamless zigzag look.

Bead embellished beaded bead

Instructor: Marilyn Parker

Using two sizes of seed beads you will learn to peyote stitch a beaded bead. Then after beading the bead you will learn embellishment techniques to go over the beaded bead. Depending on what you want to do with it, the beaded bead can stand alone, embellished or hung with a fringe.

Origami Bird Earrings

Instructor: Elena Iourtaeva

Here’s an introduction to basic origami techniques and adaptation to jewelry making with the origami acting like one big bead! The illustrated piece is 6 cm total height.

Start with large 10 x 10 cm pieces of paper, then use smaller squares to make earrings. Elena will show you the bird-in-flight fold, like in the illustration, and the iconic origami crane fold. She will explain the "bird base" notion, which will help you understand the instructions for more complex bird folds.

Bead Embroidery Tips and Tricks

Instructor: Naomi Smith

In this session Naomi will discuss some of her important considerations and processes when creating her work. She will where required show actual examples and hopefully answer any questions participants have as it relates to indigenous beadwork, techniques and materials. This will be in informal conversation where questions are encouraged. This is an opportunity to perhaps gather more insight into indigenous beading or to learn more about Naomi’s own beading methods and style of work. No materials are required but participants may wish to make their own notes.

Confetti Spiral Rope Bracelet

Instructor: Pamela Kearns

Spiral Rope is a fun and great first stitch to learn if you’re new to seed beading. In this class you’ll be able to design your own bracelet using the beads you have on hand – the more colours and bead shapes the better! You’ll also have lots of eye candy to see and gain inspiration and ideas from!