Bag of Beads Challenge

What's in the TBS Bag of Beads Challenge?

We will find out at the December meeting when the Bags are handed out. All we can tell you is that we will include (but not be limited to) small beads, larger beads maybe some crystals, perhaps some semi-precious stones, and most importantly a "stumper". What's a stumper? It is an oh-so-frustrating item that has no hole, is definitely not a bead, and makes you think in new and creative ways about your beading.

How does the Bag of Beads Challenge work?

Step1. Sign up at the November TBS meeting. The cost is $10 per bag. You can always pay when you pick up your bag in December, but there are limited bags available!

Step 2. Come to the December meeting to pick up your bag.

Step 3. Create your design during December and January (see rules below). It does not have to be a piece of jewellery, it can be anything!

Step 4. Bring your work to the February TBS meeting, finished or not, to share with everyone. No speeches necessary! Just prepare a little card outlining your inspiration, the techniques used and what you learned from the experience! Then marvel at the incredible variety of interpretations of the TBS Bag of Beads Challenge by members.

There are only three rules:

If you are a beginner and a bit intimidated by the challenge, remember one thing, EVERYONE who has participated in this challenge was a BEGINNER at one time. This is a fun opportunity to challenge yourself, and just maybe surprise yourself!

Remember, there are only a limited number of bags available!

Take a look at what members did in previous years: Bead Challenge Galleries.