May is the Annual General Meeting. Following the AGM we will play a charming game of BINGO.

2018/2019 Annual General Meeting


  • Call to order
  • Vote to approve 2018 AGM Minutes
  • Chair’s report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Nominations & Vote for Steering Committee
  • Closing remarks
  • Vote to adjourn

Charm Bingo

This year we'll try to charm the pants of you with as many games of Charm Bingo as we can manage. Everyone in attendance will get one free board (as usual, non-members pay $5 entrance fee). Extra boards will be available for $2 each. We'll keep calling "numbers" until we have three winners, because the 3rd time's a charm!

Instead of traditional bingo numbers, each box on the board will be the name of a charm. When you complete a row, column or diagonal, yell BINGO and you will win those charms.

Also at this meeting:

  • Sign-up for June Garage Sale Member 1/2 Table