We know Deborah as the person running our meetings and introducing our guest speakers, but she is also the TBS Education Co-ordinator, and has a background in Creative Design. If you have taken a class with Deborah, you know her particular passion is creating with wire and exploring and working with colour, different shapes and textures.

Deborah will be talking to us about applying the principles of design to jewellery.  To help make the presentation more interactive, please bring in samples of jewellery which demonstrate one of more of the principles of design listed below.

  • focal or multiple focal points; 
  • balance; 
  • rhythm; 
  • contrast; 
  • pattern; 
  • repetition; 
  • harmony; 
  • proportion.

Also at this meeting:

  • Bag of Beads Kits Distribution
  • Purchase extra or complementary Bag of Beads