Tania Ivaniouchkina has had a life-long passion for gems. After a brief career as an engineer in her native country of Ukraine and 20 years as a high school teacher in Toronto, Tania found her true calling in Gemmology. She became a fellow of the Canadian Gemmological Association, where she remains an active member, organizing and attending monthly meetings, and volunteering at gem shows where she promotes and represents the CGA. She is passionate about Victorian jewellery, phenomenal stones and cameos in particular, and is working on her collection.

Since ancient times humans have carved symbols and images to identify, to claim, to decorate. They also felt a need to beautify themselves - starting with the first known necklace of 3 fish vertebrae. The combination, carving and beautifying, created at first practical jewellery in a form of intaglios, and later on, beautiful, delicate and unique cameo jewellery that adorned crowns of an empress, queens, European nobles and .... tourists.

Join us for an evening of discovery of cameo jewellery through the ages, and how to identify materials and possible ages of carvings.