Thank you to all our volunteers for an energetic Techniques Sampler Night! Along with our Corsage Project table, we had a total of 17 techniques tables--this is a record number for us!

From the buzz in the room, all the smiles and the “ah-ha” moments popping up when students discovered their new-found skill, it was an empowering evening.

A huge “thank you” for making the evening such a fabulous success goes to:

  • All our Volunteer Instructors for donating their time, knowledge and experience: Deborah Beesley, Victoria Goodfellow Nicholls, Ronit Florence, Cindy Goldrick, Stephanie Dixon, Angela Anastakis, Pamela Kearns, Naomi Smith, Patricia Huff, Beth Clinton, Deborah Finlayson, Lyudmila Malikov, Caroline Andrews, JoAnne Woolverton, Sue Henry, Dolores Pargana,
  • Janice Greer for coordinating last-minute member sign-ups
  • Sue Henry, Communications Coordinator, for advertising the event on all TBS social media
  • Christina Kappas Dufrene, Webmaster, for posting the event and keeping us up to date on the TBS website
  • Marilyn Parker, Education Coordinator, for organizing all the instructors and the evening’s classes
  • And your Steering Committee for continuing the “Techniques Night” tradition

Darlene Eng
TBS Programming Coordinator


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