How to get a good photo of your beadwork

Article by Sue Henry


Speaking of sending in your photos for the Website – it was suggested that some tips might be welcome on how to get a good photo of your finished work. A quick search on Google on "how to photograph jewellery" turned up numerous pages that provided tips on how to get the best images of your work.And guess what?Sometimes the best method is not with a camera but a scanner!

Below is a short list of websites that will be very helpful on getting just the right shot of your work.I will also add these links to the Bead Gallery home page on our website so you can click through to them.


Taking a good photo of your jewellery, information on lighting, composition, colours, etc.


How to make a light tent at home for jewellery photos.Can be done with materials around the home.


How to light your photos using a clear plastic bin


Using a Scanner to get jewellery images.Terrific tips and detailed steps to get this right!


This site (above) is wealth of information on starting and running your own jewellery business!(Not just how to scan jewellery images.)


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