Founded in 2005

Meeting Time: 2nd Friday in September, November, January, May and June, and 1st Friday in March

Meeting Location: Toronto area


Appreciation: to promote the appreciation of vintage costume jewellery by looking at collections, and toshowcase thework of promising new Canadian designers

Education: to increase our knowledge about vintage costume jewellery through book reviews, research, visits to shops and museums, and presentations

Leadership: to encourage members to share their talents

Support: to provide cameraderie and a network for vintage costume jewellery lovers, be they collectors, dealers or both, to trade/buy/sell vintage costume jewellery


Affiliate of Vintage Fashion & Costume Jewellery, Glen Oaks, NY


Special Events: annual party, field trips, guest speakers


Annual dues 30.00

Mail payment with Name, Address and Phone to:

Toronto Vintage Costume Jewellery Club

5863 Leslie St., Suite 342

North York, ON   M2H 1J8


Upcoming Events

Wed Apr 12 @ 7:00PM
TBS Meeting: Techniques Night
Mon May 15 @ 7:00PM **Special Monday Meeting**
TBS Meeting: Sharl Smith